We are happy to announce the winner of the FLIP Photobook Award 2016.

The jury has made a decision - a very tough one. Just after additional considering by a majority vote we’ve chosen Amak Mahmoodian's «Shenasnameh» book video as a winner of the Award!

We are also glad to announce the finalists, whose videos were very close to the victory and here are their names:

Roc Herms. «YO YO YO»

Brad Feuerhelm «Goodbye America»

Ksenia Yurkova. «Letters for Two, and No-One Else»

Olga Bushkova. “How I tried to convince my husband to have children…»

Ana Paula Estrada. «Memorandum»

Congratulations to the winner and big thanks to all participants! All your works were creative and really impressed us, showing capabilities and idiosyncrasies of the photobook videos, as a stand-alone genre emerging within the photobook culture.

All videos from 47 artists, submitted for the FLIP Photobook Award, were presented at «2016 days of awesome photo books», LhGWR gallery, The Hague, The Netherlands in February, 2017. Then the selection of 10 videos were shown in Moscow, Russia, at the Moscow's Photobookfest in May, 2017. Later the best 15 videos were part of "Photo/book 3.0 kiállítás" exhibition at Petofi Irodalmi Múzeum, Budapest, Hungary in June. The last, but not least screening of the winner and 5 finalists videos took place at Braga, Portugal in September, 2017, during Encontros da Imagem Festival.

The entire list of FLIP 2016 participants:

1. Davide Palmisano. Timeless Persia
2. Everything is Collective. Deliberate Operations Issue No. 3
3. Ksenia Yurkova. Letters for Two, and No-One Else
4. Yury Toroptsov. Deleted Scene
5. Alexander Gronsky, Ksenia Babushkina. Schema
6. Alessandro Marchi. Variables Ocultas
7. Roc Herms. YO YO YO
8. Valentina Abenavoli. Anaesthesia
9. Ekaterina Maximova. Nerekhta, It's a boy
10. Nik Neubauer. Street Pirate Material
11. Ana Paula Estrada. Memorandum
12. Irina Chabanyuk, Svetlana Kozlova, Natalya Rybakova, Anna Seliu.
The Road

13. Peter Price. Kommunalka I, Kommunalka II, Travelling Camera
14. Mariela Sancari. Moisés
15. Claudio Majorana. The Recent History of Sicilian Skateboard Tours
16. Maria Chirco. Viaggioattraverso
17. Svetlana Levchenko. God is an artist
18. Dina Oganova. My Place
19. Andreas Frei. Hab Acht, Long Way Home
20. Francesca Semerano. Tessuti Toniù
21. Georgs Avetisjans. Homeland / D
22. Ieva Balode. Invisible Images
23. Sharon Ritossa. Foibe
24. Jaclyn Wright. Afterglow: Compact, Orientable, Spacelike
25. Sascha Kraus. FORTHRIGHT - Stronger than a weapon
26. Brad Feuerhelm. Goodbye America
27. Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo. Chos Piangua
28. Michal Adamski. I can’t get through the chaos
29. Tatyana Palyga. Settlement
30. Adelaide Carneiro. Unfinished Me
31. Alex Kemman. Istanbul
32. Robert Rutöd. Milky Way, Right Time Right Place
33. Whit Forrester. Consequence of Decisions 2
34. Amak Mahmoodian. Shenasnameh
35. Imrich Veber. NH2O(1)
36. Andreas Herzau. Bamberg Symphony
37. Anton Smuglienko. Library of neverseen images
38. Laura Lafon. You could even die for not being a real couple
39. Yevgeny Kondakov. Russian Sexual Revolution
40. Solia Vorobyova. ?nother Moscow
41. Olga Bushkova. How I tried to convince my husband to have children…
42. Andrey Nogovitsin. EMA
43. Jiaxin Liu. Clinging Fibre, second version
44. FakePhoneyReality. Soap and Rocket,
Soap and Rocket ep.2., The Beautiful Game
45. Ivan Aleshin. NH21
46. Ilyas Hajji. anti/terror
47. Michele Sibiloni. Fuck it